Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama and GE CEO Announce New Energy Initative

(SCHENECTADY, N.Y.) President Obama toured the GE Turbine factory in Schenectady, NY today as the guest of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Immelt, the President's new leader of the Council of Jobs, displayed a very efficient but technical turbine to the President:

"After installation in the roof space of Capitol Hill, this new turbine will generate about 25 Kilowatts of power per day, just from Congressional Hot Air." Immelt said. "Worthless and abundant breath, containing large amounts of CO2, will be utilized into electrical energy, which at least gives us a Congress that has done something productive, however, even 25 Kilowatts will not offset their own energy use."

President Obama, always the diplomat said, "Jeffery's view of Congress is a little different than mine, remember, I was once a member. Even though a lot of hot air is produced, once in a while, even Congress gets its act together for the greater good of the country. We think this energy recycling program is just what this country needs to get the ball rolling on renewable energy. There are thousands of city and town halls that could have micro turbines installed to recycle the hot air of local politicians. This is just the beginning, and this will create jobs for Americans as well as wean us off of foreign oil."

According to the fact sheet provided to reporters, the turbines are being purchased and installed with a Department of Energy grant to General Electric. The price was not listed since it was less than 100 million dollars.

We asked Congressional Republicans what they thought of grant. Kevin McCarthy, R-California and Congressional Majority Whip, gave the Republican response:

"We, in the Republican Party find this a total waste of taxpayers dollars. Everybody knows that Congress is not in session enough to really make the turbines pay off. With junkets, re-election fundraisers, fact finding missions, re-election fundraisers, meals and re-election fundraisers, we are hardly in the chamber or building at all. Just look at C-Span. Empty most of the time. We think this is just the other sides way of buying an influential CEO that gets lots of media attention," McCarthy said. "Also, we've been watching Mr. Immelt and the President, we think their is something kinky going on there."

We noticed a box of Valentines candy open between the two during the later part of the press conference. Upon closer look, it appears it was a gift from Obama to Jeffery Immelt.

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