Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ann Coulter: Journalist? Jail 'em or Just Shoot 'Em, riot unfolds

(Conservative Political Action Conference Washington) Conservative commentator Ann Coulter talked about journalist, Israel, Egypts turmoil and the United States. A question from a lady from the audience after her brought this reaction from Coulter:

Lady: "Why have you and other Republicans championed free elections in Iraq, but discredit them in Egypt?"

Ann:"You don't go around disturbing countries where you have a loyal ally,"

Lady: "What is more important though to American values--being friends with israel still or knowing there are jailed dissidents and journalists [in Egypt]?"

Ann: "What do you mean knowing that there are jailed journalists?" Coulter said. "I think there should be more jailed journalists."

At this last statement the crowd cheered and rose to their feet. Ann continued to froth them up with terms like, 'journalist in my crosshairs,' 'lying liberal media,' and "the true patriot is one that reports for the country, not for their comapnies."

Audience Member: "What about Fox News, Beck and Hannity?"

Ann: "We all know that there is no Journalism going on there. These people are not Red-Baiter's, Communists or Faggots. The Liberal Media is telling you to not hurt them, I'm telling you, get up, finda reporter and punch him, kick him or her or even do a Tuscon on them."

At this point, the crowd roared and started looking around the room for people to hit. One person* had the audacity to bring a book that wasn't the Bible to the talk. He was punched and kicked into a ball on the floor. An all out riot ensued. CPAC had hired Xe Services (formerly Blackwater USA) as their main security for this event. Luckily only three people were killed and the crowd was under control in about 10 minutes.

Ann Coulters final words to the crowd after the brawl: "I know it looks tragic, but the three deceased were all collecting government pensions* * and health care, so in a way, we took a little bite out of the deficit."

The crowd cheered as each of the deceased was removed from the hall.

Following Ann Coulter was Michael Barone, Conservative columnist from the Washington Examiner Newspaper speaking on Changing the Conversation: Winning with Minorities, Women and Independents

Michael opened the session with a joke: "Did you hear the one about the two black guys, a white prostitute and the Mexican housekeeper?...."

* Man beat to the floor was Richard Clemteck, an accountant from Lexington, Kentucky. The book that he was carrying was Decision Points, by George W. Bush

**All three were retired members of the Armed forces.

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