Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Weekenders Magazine Vol 5 is out

Guess who is published once again in The Weekenders Magazine, Volume 5?  Yes, that's right, I'm there with a Christmas tale of urban grist yet tenderness.

Many thanks again to +Ryan Swofford for putting the magazine together. Really good artwork in this issue also from Serge Gay Jr.

I might also mention that since the last time I updated on this blog, I have another story waiting to be published, Double Entendre, in a print anthology Love at First Bite, by Static Movement Publishing. When it gets in Print, I'll update.

Tonight I have a sit down session with a serious novel writers I belong to. They are going to critic as well as edit my book, Bear Justice. It is getting close to being polished enough to think about getting an agent soon.

I picked up my first novel, Mendel's Release, in the last few days and do you know what? Damn good story and the writing isn't bad. I wrote it in 2002 and it needs some polish, so I have another project on my plate. Mendel's Release is a humorous story with a lot of the elements of theme that Bear Justice has.

I've got a couple things submitted to publishers at the present time and are awaiting an up or down nod. Kind of like waiting for a Roman Emperor to let you live or have you executed, like in the movies. Gladiator comes to mind.

That's January's update.