Monday, December 27, 2010

There Is Work, Import and Export

I get so tired of hearing that there are no jobs out there. Here in the county where I live, unemployment is right about 20%. But there are jobs. Jobs in the Import and Export Field, plus skilled labor.

First lets talk about Exporting USA manufactured products to other countries. If we export US manufactured products that helps US citizens in more ways than just a job. The person that exports the product makes a living, and the person producing the item, gets to keep their job because there is a demand for the product. What products am I talking about? Guns by God.

Our neighbors to the south of us need Guns. We are experts in producing guns, and I am sure if the money is right, we can get guns into your hands no matter where you are located. So you deadbeats, get up off the couch and start practicing your rudimentary Spanish. Jump onto Google translate and learn to say : "¿Te gustarĂ­a balas con ese fin?" I know you can do it. It's just like asking for fries with the burger. Most people know how to do that. There are lots of positions, good paying positions for Gun Runners. Just Call 800-732-9194 today for an interview.

How about Import Jobs? Mexico produces or resells lots of bulk pharmaceuticals. They need help with supply chain distribution. Do you have any experience with dispatching? How about LTL Freight? Can you drive a car or a motorcycle? If so,you already have the skills needed to succeed in this high paying career. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Highly trained technicians will load a vehicle with bags and bags of product for you to deliver. Don't worry about your vehicle, our technicians are so good a loading a car, you won't even know the freight is there. Just drive towards a predetermined location and wait for the phone call telling you the exact location to deliver the goods. Best of get paid CASH! That's right, Cash. No taxes held out, no Social Security. You are an independent contractor, your own business. Write off what you can just like the big boys do and pocket the rest. Believe us, the rest is some high dollar values. Get paid up to $4000 per trip! Our average trip is just three days long when in the car. Just call 800-732-9194 for more information on becoming a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Specialist. We provide Modern, reliable equipment.

Are you Out of Work from the Construction Industry? How about an out of work Miner? We have work for you. Become a Subterranean Vocational Engineer. Yes, that's right, the recession killed a lot of jobs but we have construction jobs in demand now! Manual labor digging, construction skills installing supports and just basic grunt work. Do you know tunnels? If not, we'll teach you. Our average tunnel is just about 1 mile long and facilitates the transport of goods and services that our country needs. All these jobs pay prevailing wage which is 3X minimum. A simple application and interview will get you working again. Relocation is required. Just call 800-732-9194 to get in on this work and pay bonanza today.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Speaking Spanish is highly desirable, although not technically necessary.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not so sharp today

That was yesterday that I wrote that title. Did not get a chance to finish the post. I wasn't feeling so well yesterday. Sharp probably isn't the right word, I mean, people tell me I'm not too sharp at any time. Not all people, but some. Yesterday I wondered over some local newspaper editorials, wrote in my other blog, about the downright criminal enterprises of our local electricity company, and managed to make it home, eat, do some laundry and call it a day.

So you are probably staring at this and thinking to yourself: "Why do I give a rats ass about what this jerk did yesterday. I came here to be entertained, so put up or shut up."

Do I have that right? You want to be entertained? Pet stories are always entertaining or so fu--ing tedious,you just want to claw your eyes out of your head and toss them down the garbage disposal. So I've got this cat...well not really my cat. A stray, which is the way I think most cats come to being. If you ever wanted to believe in that crazy Christian belief of Creationism, just look to cats. All seem to have just appeared. Never was a cat planned, they just appear. One day they are walking by the back door, the next day you seem to be feeding them. I know, "they'll keep mice and rats away," or so you tell yourself, to justify buying stinky food for this freeloader. Until the freakin' mice are eating the leftovers out of its dish and you realize that he's been hanging two doors down getting better food and giving his to the mice.

Anyway, where was I, so then cats start bringing their friends over and the next thing you know, they are drinking and fighting. The fights sound terrible, and you get brooms and chase cats away from under the windows. Then it dawns on you, what a sucker. He's got you pegged. What a sucker.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Graduating without Knowledge

There was an article (editorial) in the newspaper this morning about Liberal Arts Education from Victor David Hanson ( I'd like to say that it was impressive but when preaching to the choir about education, it just reinforces those feelings of futility. To reiterate what a Liberal Arts Education entails, is what we would call a 'broad' education. Being well read, knowing literature, the arts, philosophy and how to think are all part of a Liberal Arts Education. When we speak of 'educated people,' more likely than not, we are talking Liberal Arts, not specialties like Medicine, Accounting or Marketing.

Two things happened since I read the article this AM. First, I got a visit from a friend that went to a Christmas party last evening. One of the attendees of the party pulled his daughters boyfriend out of the party and told him point blank, that he was going to beat the hell out of him if he didn't start talking correctly.

"Was he swearing and being crude?" I asked.

"No. He was speaking in computer language."

What he meant, was that this young man was speaking in Texting language. For instance, TMOR means tomorrow. So instead of saying "tomorrow," this gentleman said "Tmore." He may have told his girlfriend "459" or "831" to indicate he loves her. What I say is "huh?" I mean it. "huh?" Maybe I'm getting just too old. I don't text only because my eyes and fingers are not nearly as good as they once were and if I want to find something out, what's wrong with email or just talking on the phone? Why speak in Text? And can you really, adequately convey linguistic meaning with simple text abbreviations? IDK, IMAO IHNI. (see for the key to these and many more acronyms) When you think about it, he is speaking a completely different language than the one he grew up with. This language, in its own way, indicates the young man is pretty sharp. I don't know, but I'll bet the young man has never read a serious work of literature but he can speak a language that was made up and evolved over just the last 10 years or so. He is not dumb in the sense that he can not learn, but dumb in the sense that if he isn't interested in it, it has no meaning. Like many of todays youth, "not only don't I need or want to learn anything new, but I refuse to." Now that's dumb. Parents seem to be okay with it though, as long as whatever the kids doing doesn't get them thrown in jail or, heaven forbid, cause parents to have a scheduling hiccup.

How many freaking ways can we dumb down our youth? We know youth. Youth can invent more ways to dumb themselves down than we can even imagine. In my time (youthful time that is) we used chemicals, brain altering drugs to dumb ourselves down. Todays youth are so lazy, they just don't do any of the work and skip the drugs. They become dumbed down naturally, by not learning in the first place. Holistically dumb, the new path towards mediocrity. Sit in front of a TV all day long and don't think. "Let another person write the entertainment I am watching, let another person tell me how I am suppose to think. If I can't understand the words I'm hearing, it's someone else's fault they didn't teach me or the person writing it is just too brainy and needs to come down to the real world. Don't expect me to make an effort to learn, I am okay where I'm at, cause no waves, cause no problems."

So what does this have to do with a Liberal Arts Education? A lot of kids today, think 13 to 20 years, can barely read a book. Yet they can read and understand text message abbreviations. They are not dumb, we, as a society of parents, teachers, community, etc. do not hold our younger generation to be accountable for learning Philosophy, Literature, Art. No, a bunch of talking heads tell us on Television that in order for the USA to succeed in this new world order, it is imperative to have a college education. Wait, when I went to college way back when, you got a broad based education, a Liberal Arts Eduction. Sure, I specialized in Biology, but, I took a lot of other classes in Art, Literature, Language, Mathematics, Government, Anthropology, etc. I got a well rounded education. So we do not make our kids learn those traits that allow them to become broadly educated, yet we want them to attend college to become..what? Better Worker Bees? If you want want better and more honey, then you need better Worker Bees. Do better Worker Bees need to read Shakespeare? Or discuss the Baroque period of Architecture? No! Better Worker Bees need to figure out how to make more and better Honey.

Do we need more college grads or do we need more specialized trade school type education possibilities? If you need someone to fix your computer (think Honey maker), then you need someone that has learned computers (Worker Bees), software, hardware the works. Two years tops in a trade school. If you need someone to tackle nuances of a written contract that purports to place ideas, principles and perhaps assets into an agreement, then perhaps you need someone who has had a broad based college education and the ability to discern what the intentions of two parties may be. Trade School = 2 years. College = 4 years. Buzz, Buzz.

We pass kids from High School that can not read or write. I've seen college graduates that couldn't discuss the basics of their chosen field, let alone discuss anything outside their specialized little realm. I've seen college graduates that could not write a coherent one page memo describing what they did yesterday, let alone what they did on summer vacation. What they went to college for was for four years. They didn't attend college to get a Liberal Arts Education, they became nurses or accountants so they can work in industry and support the structure of our basic economy. There is nothing wrong with this, but they did not have to go to school for four years. They just need to learn a trade, and that's what they learned. It is obvious since they can not write a simple memo, or discuss the broader issues of society but they did learn a trade that gainfully employs them, that they got what they wanted, a job in a field of their choosing. But it is not college and it is not a Liberal Arts Education. We have turned our colleges into trade schools. Trade Schools that cost more than twice as much for an education. Perhaps we have too many Colleges and Universities today that do not act like Colleges and Universities, but act like Trade Schools. Maybe when we apply the term 'College' or 'University,' the term should have a meaning beyond mere training for a job, but perhaps, a meaning of a Liberal Arts Education? Just a thought.

Here is a second problem that I see with Liberal Arts Education. I don't know how to bring this up, but we can start with the person that wrote the article today, Victor David Hanson. Mr. Hanson according to Wikipedia, is a registered democrat but a staunch conservative. Interesting contrast and it works well with what I am about to espouse. Mr. Hanson is indeed smart, a true product of the Liberal Arts Educational establishment. He is able to read, discern and enable his own opinions based on data gathered from here and there. He is one of the individuals that others actually parrot: a talking head, an intellectual leader. Mr. Hanson as a conservative though, should know better than most, that the meaning of the term 'Liberal' has, due to his fellow conservatives, become synonymous with Ultra Left Wing, do-gooder, government intrusion sort of ideal. In effect, the word Liberal has been trashed. He advocates for a Liberal Arts Education as well as I. I think our problem now is if you ask a student to get a Liberal Arts Education, the students parents, parents peers and possibly even the students peers may think you turned into a radical because you are off to get a Liberal Arts Education. Most citizens today that do not have an education and many that have been educated in specific arts, may not realize that a Liberal Arts Education, is the type of education we want in our leaders, our policy makers, even our military leaders. This is the type of education, along with experience and research, that allow ideas to sprout, new and better methods of doing the same old thing to occur, and ways to solve complex problems of society to be introduced for discussion and implementation. Yes, a Liberal Arts Education offers all these things. the problem today is it also offers the word Liberal as part of the Educational Process. Our Country has become such an 'un' and 'under' educated place to reside, that it is hard to discuss education at all. The person who watches the Discovery Channel every evening now believes that their knowledge of natural science is equal to that of most college grads. To suggest that perhaps there is much more to a college education than what was mentioned in a few hours on the Discovery Channel, could spark a nice debate, and one that could not be won by those who haven't experienced a true Liberal Arts Education.

That's it for now, I have a SNERT to deal with.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

So What Am I

I've been reading blogs from various people. I like a lot of blogs, there are some great ones, funny, sharp, witty and engaging. I find I like blogs that artsy people write. They tend to be cerebral and entertaining. See this blog In small town talk, like in Modesto CA, these blogs are all by elitists. Why is it that people who write good stuff are labeled elitist?

I read therefore am I an elitist?

Or am I an elitist because I understand what I read?

This could have been me when I was younger. I had hair then. Although this is a picture of a little girl...I was never one of those, oh sure, I've been told that I throw like a gir...