Sunday, January 30, 2011

USA Reaction to Tunisia & Egypt Demonstrations

President Obama has urged calm, non-violent actions to the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt. "Let Democracy play it's role," he urged. Congress however has different view points:

Representative Dennis Kucinich, Liberal Democrat from Ohio stated: "We see now why Unions are necessary in society. If Tunisia and Egypt would have supported strong Union membership, this kind of turmoil would not be happening today."

Representative John Boehmer, Conservative Republican Speaker of the House stated: "We see now why taxes need to be cut and regulations gutted. The demonstrations in these countries are purely the rightful actions of people who have been taxed and regulated to a point of exasperation."

Representative Rand Paul, Tea Party leader and Republican from Kentucky stated: "We all can see what the curse of King Tut's tomb can really do. I would suggest a faith healer from the Appalachian region of our great country be sent to clear the curse and perhaps convert some Muslims to good God Fearing Christians."

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