Sunday, January 9, 2011

Politically Correct: 1 Humor: 0 It's a Sad Month :(

Rodney Dangerfield's famous line was "I don't get no Respect." Well, Humor has taken a big hit this month. It appears that Political Correctness is sucking the good aspects from many peoples lives and leaving only hilarious clips of ingenious dialog and imagery behind for news crews to pick apart. It took me a while to find the videos online and view for myself, but I found them. They were better than I anticipated, like watching early Laurel and Hardy movies that evolve into classic film masterpieces as time goes on. What video am I talking about? Captain Honors XO videos made and shown aboard the USS Enterprise. See below for the embed of one of the videos.

And they fired this guy? Come on, he should have been given more resources and a professional crew of film makers. Set him to making propaganda films against Islamic Terrorists. But I guess Islamic Terrorists and his superior officers have something in common: Neither have a sense of Humor. Mention the Prophet Muhammad's name in conjunction with humor and the fanatics want to kill you. First of all, for all of you who do not know military nomenclature, XO stands for Executive Officer. Usually, the XO is the second in command on a ship. He certainly made the films and his XO graphic with Lucasfilms THS sounds in the background was clever. Some of the humor could have been polished up a little bit, and the warning that the captain and the admiral knew nothing of the films, makes me wonder if the Admiral and the Captain were actually in on it? If so, more respect flows forward to them also. It is funny, not a single mention of Humor, from any of the news reports. The video is not called, Humorous, but Lewd and Vulgar. Funny, I didn't find anything Lewd or Vulgar about the video at all. Perhaps some humorless crewman or crew woman decided that the bathroom humor offended their sense of 'better than thou,' absolute rights. Or perhaps, some crew person took his/her homosexuality a little too seriously and was offended by some of the language or depictions of crew mates in close quarters. Here's what I say: "Tough! Suck it up and get on with life!"

More about Captain Honors. He is a Naval Aviator and actually attended Top Gun School in San Diego, had 85 combat missions (I assume Iraq) and over 700 night landings on the carrier. If I remember, he is a Naval Academy graduate. This officer has years and years of experience in the military. I guess he failed to check the 'NO' Box when asked if he had a sense of Humor, as we know that this isn't allowed in the military, in schools, in government buildings any more. As 'Family Guy,' 'The Simpsons,' and all the Adult Swim stuff enter the airways for our children to view, we probably ought to have disclaimer statements letting them know that reenacting these scenes or even telling some of these plots can lead to dismissal from Military or Government jobs and/or expulsion from public schools. These harmless TV shows for kids are more outrageous than the videos produced for Closed Circuit Television aboard a ship of like minded comrades at sea.

I consulted with another famous Naval commander, Captain Jack Sparrow:

"Captain Jack," I asked, "What would you do?"

His reply: "Have another Rum and increase the ration of Grog to the rest of the crew."

"Alcohol is not allowed on ships in today's Navy," I informed.

"Well, there's the problem then."

Well, that may be the problem then.

A salute to our very best and our first Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, the Enterprise, soon to be decommissioned. Also, my sincere respect for Captain Honors and sincerest regret that humor has been lost in our culture.

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