Monday, December 27, 2010

There Is Work, Import and Export

I get so tired of hearing that there are no jobs out there. Here in the county where I live, unemployment is right about 20%. But there are jobs. Jobs in the Import and Export Field, plus skilled labor.

First lets talk about Exporting USA manufactured products to other countries. If we export US manufactured products that helps US citizens in more ways than just a job. The person that exports the product makes a living, and the person producing the item, gets to keep their job because there is a demand for the product. What products am I talking about? Guns by God.

Our neighbors to the south of us need Guns. We are experts in producing guns, and I am sure if the money is right, we can get guns into your hands no matter where you are located. So you deadbeats, get up off the couch and start practicing your rudimentary Spanish. Jump onto Google translate and learn to say : "¿Te gustarĂ­a balas con ese fin?" I know you can do it. It's just like asking for fries with the burger. Most people know how to do that. There are lots of positions, good paying positions for Gun Runners. Just Call 800-732-9194 today for an interview.

How about Import Jobs? Mexico produces or resells lots of bulk pharmaceuticals. They need help with supply chain distribution. Do you have any experience with dispatching? How about LTL Freight? Can you drive a car or a motorcycle? If so,you already have the skills needed to succeed in this high paying career. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Highly trained technicians will load a vehicle with bags and bags of product for you to deliver. Don't worry about your vehicle, our technicians are so good a loading a car, you won't even know the freight is there. Just drive towards a predetermined location and wait for the phone call telling you the exact location to deliver the goods. Best of get paid CASH! That's right, Cash. No taxes held out, no Social Security. You are an independent contractor, your own business. Write off what you can just like the big boys do and pocket the rest. Believe us, the rest is some high dollar values. Get paid up to $4000 per trip! Our average trip is just three days long when in the car. Just call 800-732-9194 for more information on becoming a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Specialist. We provide Modern, reliable equipment.

Are you Out of Work from the Construction Industry? How about an out of work Miner? We have work for you. Become a Subterranean Vocational Engineer. Yes, that's right, the recession killed a lot of jobs but we have construction jobs in demand now! Manual labor digging, construction skills installing supports and just basic grunt work. Do you know tunnels? If not, we'll teach you. Our average tunnel is just about 1 mile long and facilitates the transport of goods and services that our country needs. All these jobs pay prevailing wage which is 3X minimum. A simple application and interview will get you working again. Relocation is required. Just call 800-732-9194 to get in on this work and pay bonanza today.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Speaking Spanish is highly desirable, although not technically necessary.

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