Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Novel writers group is meeting tonight. I went over about 80% of @MaryMerrell7 book the last couple of days. Pretty good. I hope to finish it up in the next week or so. I put the final chapter together on my latest book two weeks ago. Last week I had a friend proof the Spanish Language sections for me to make sure they sounded like the way a true Mexican would speak.

So what is my new book about? Does Ergot of Rye mean anything to you? How about Mass Revolution when under the influence of psychotic drugs? How about a narrow minded Star Trek fanatic that manages to fall into the realm of espionage and revolution and helps change the world with the help of a famous revolutionary? It could be about those things, maybe more. Glen Bailey and his wife Doris are no Jason Bourne or Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but the job gets done because, or in spite of them. 

I put a little excerpt of the unedited book below this cool cover. That cover is cool.

Sifar Excerpt
 “I'll get that criminal, your Glen,” Machado said, “as well as Joaquin Murrieta.”

“Why, what did Uncle Glen do?” one of the boys asked.

“Nothing boys,” Verna interrupted. “I would suggest you move away from Officer Machado. I think he's had a tough day.”

“Verna Bailey. Is that you? I was just telling your kids that I can shoot with the best of them and I'm going after criminals that hurt my daughter. I can see him in that cloud of purple dust over there.” His gun pointed in the direction of the Pinata, The Pinata was large, mule shaped with pointed ears. It was a brightly colored, yellow with green ribbons hanging from the neck. It dangled from a tree with a sturdy rope.

“Don't,” Verna yelled at the police officer.

“Mom!” an excited young voice yelled.

Verna turned to see Glen running up to them. “Glen!” she yelled.

The instant Verna yelled she heard a slap across the horses flank. Glen had run behind the animal and slapped it as hard as he could with a leather belt. Simultaneously the echo of a gunshot cut through the air and the tinkling of candy hitting the ground from the Pinata could be heard. Instantly, the sound of hoofs hitting the ground moving  towards the foothills in the west was all that was heard. Officer Machado clung to the horse as it bolted and ran uncontrollably into the distance.

“Uncle Glen's dressed as Spock.”

Squeals and cries from children were heard as they converged on the Pinata's bounty, now laying on the ground.

“Glen, what...” Verna tried to finish but Glen interrupted. His eyes were dilated and he looked as if he saw nothing or everything all at once.

“Chief Science Officer here,” Glen said. 

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