Saturday, March 12, 2011

MOE-a-Mar Gaddafi consults with LARRY-Mar & CURLY-Mar

Outside Tripoli, Libya: "Spread Out," followed seconds later by slapping sounds was heard over a Public Address System in the desert compound of Libyan Dictator MOE-a-Mar Gaddafi. Gaddafi, the embattled Dictator, has called his top political consultants to this gathering just outside the gates of the nations capitol, Tripoli.

Cabinet members, Larry-Mar and Curly-Mar, Gaddafi's closest advisors, arrived dressed as Nomadic merchants. Meetings are taking place in the Royal Tent and being guarded by Gaddafi's all female security crew. Word of what the meetings entail have not leaked out. A brief glimpse of Moe-a-Mar, Larry-Mar and Curly-Mar together was recorded in the photo. It appeared they were trying to get their directional bearings.
We have heard heated arguments coming from the tent with Gaddafi's voice saying "pick two," then what appears to be Curly-Mar's voice screaming, "ouch." We will follow up as more is known.

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