Monday, January 13, 2014

I Dreamt of the NJ Govenor

Chris Christie in the Meadowlands: Notice the Party of No brand on his flank.
Early this morning just before I woke, I had a dream. There were about 20 grizzly bears milling about a clearing, growling and looking menacing at each other. All at once, a huge grizzly bounded for a tree and with a powerful leap, jumped at least twenty feet into the air and grabbed a buffalo from the tree and brought it to the ground. It began to tear at the hide of the beast and the buffalo kicked and squirmed as it fought to escape.

The other bears jumped into the fray, and eventually the buffalo trotted off although most of its skin had been torn from its body so just muscle showed. A group of bears followed...

AND THEN IT HIT ME. What the F_ck is a buffalo doing in a tree? I woke up.

I went to the track later this morning to work out, and still thought of this dream. That's when it came to me: It must be an allegory to the problems Chris Christy is having after the bridge fiasco. It's been on the news constantly for the last few days.

The bears have that buffalo treed, and as he slips closer to the ground, they'll tear him apart. That's my dream analysis. I'm just glad the press didn't break the story about his affair with Cory Booker. Oh Sh_t, was I suppose to mention that.

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