Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Published Stories

My piece Beat of the Alley, was published in the anthology Desolation Blues last month. The entire thing is a great read and shouldn't be missed. The stories are reminiscent of the Beat era of the '60's. The character in this piece is used in a number of short stories I try to do in Beat, but tend to end up more like a Dark Urban Fiction genre. I like the character, who as of yet remains unnamed after four stories. I think maybe it will be interesting to have an entire collection of stories all with the same character that doesn't have a name?

Here is another piece. You can read the entire zine, The Weekenders Magazine, Issue 4, right from this blog by using the flash tool below.  I have a piece, Reading Doughnut Danny, published in this online magazine. Special thanks to +Ryan Swofford for putting all the issues of this magazine together. I've been fortunate to be published in all the issues so far.

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