Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekenders Issue 3 is out

So, if you want to check out some of my writing, plus some writing of other really talented people, plus some great art, there is about 100 pages of the stuff at The Weekenders Magazine Vol 3 located at http://issuu.com/theweekendersmag/docs/issue_3/1 My piece is Estuary Trip, which by the way, I rewrote into a screen play and submitted into a short film contest. We'll see.

Cool Huh?

I've already got Volume 4's story finished. It's waiting for my writing meetup.com group to flesh it out and throw flaming barbs at it or me. I say Volume 4, but that's only if the esteemed editor, Ryan Swofford, accepts it. Anyway, give a read and leave a comment or 2 for me.


Went through my novel Bear Justice for the umpteenth time and submitted it to the Novel Reading Group that I am part of for a December critique.

That's and update. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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