Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Publication plus Friends that I help

A couple of updates today.

First: Last night Ryan Swofford uploaded Volume II of  The Weekenders Magazine.  I've got a story in Volume II also called Dysfunctional Beat.

Ryan dedicated a lot of this Volume to writer Bud Smith. I came across some of Bud's writing before, but was really taken with his short story that appeared before mine in Volume I of The Weekender's Magazine. Volume II has a lot of his writing plus an interview. Well worth the read.

In other news. Last night I sat down with some of my local writers to discuss Affinity, A Bird in a Glided Cage, written by Mary E. Merrell, which is in it's final rewrite. It is a mid-grade urban fantasy novel that I think kids will really like. Mary has written lots of other stuff too and you can find her Real Estate Romance novels on her website, appropriately named after herself, http://MaryEMerrell.com.

Last but not least, on October 1st, another one of my group released a Paranormal Romance Book, Only in Her Dreams. You can get the book at Amazon for kindle or in paperback. It's written by Christina McKnight, who recently updated her website. It really looks AWESOME. She's a fellow Blogger user and you can find what she is up to and get more information about her books at http://Christina-McKnight.blogspot.com/.

Christina currently has some promotions going on for her book, so check it out.

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